Auto Repair Tips on Saving Gas

We all are affected by the rising gas prices daily. It’s a common discussion amongst the media , politicians , and even world leaders.

Are we going to wait for high prices at the pump to go down before we pack our families and hop in the car to go on vacation? Of course not .

So tip # 1 (don’t drive) is not an option. Carpooling would also be consider under this gas saving tip. First and foremost a vehicle safety inspection should be perform before long trips, let’s assume we all are current with our state’s safety inspections.

Tip # 2 would be fill up efficiently. This consists of three things: fill your tank, do not top off in between fill ups, and refuel at 1/4 tank. Advantages of refilling at a quarter tank are lighter vehicle loads and you allow more room in your tank for when you find that gas station with the best gas prices. However, in cold weather , you run an increased risk of condensation in the fuel tank when tank is less than a quarter fill. This may cause a decrease in your electric fuel pump life.

Tip # 3 … Vehicle maintenance is the most important and is the “meat and potatoes” of saving gas and extending the life of our vehicles .

*Change those spark plugs. Platinum spark plugs may claim to last 100k miles but we have seen those, in many cases , only last 75k miles . Most make and models are relatively inexpensive and does not take long to replace.
* Check condition and air pressure of your tires. Everyone knows this one but does get over looked . Checking tire pressure is best when the tires are cold (not driven more than a mile). Fill tires to manufactures’ recommended air pressure.
* Check the oil . Oil is the blood of your vehicle without it isn’t going anywhere and will cause major engine damage. It is best to change the oil between 3000 – 5000 miles. I know some oil manufacturers claim their product will last 10,000 miles but it is best not to use the same oil for longer than 5k if you want maximum engine efficiency over the vehicle’s long term life .
* Check and replace those filters. Air and fuel filters are important to saving gas as well as engine life and environment issues.

At A2Z Automotive in Missouri we are committed to providing parts and services that will greatly help in our customers’ goals of saving gas and repair costs.

more on fuel economy at CarTalk.


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