Flat Glass

There is a huge variety and tons of applications for glass products ….

Safety Laminated: Used in heavy equipment, mules, all-terrain, hunting vehicles, ect. Can be used in doors and windows where safety glass is required. Comes in clear, gray, green, and bronze tints. We stock this glass in 48″ & 84″ stock sheets, but can be ordered in larger sizes if needed.

Safety Tempered: Used in residential and commercial doors as well as windows where code requires. This type is required in fireplace doors to tolerate the heat. It’s heat tolerance is 220 degrees . Also used in some heavy equipment, all-terrain , and hunting vehicles. Some customers do request tempered glass in cabinet doors and stereo cabinets. Available in clear, gray, bronze, and graylite 31 (almost black in color) . This glass is cut to size first,then sent through a tampering oven. Once it’s tempered, it cannot be altered ,such as adding edge work, adding holes, and cut down.

Plate Glass: Table tops, shelves, some residential window applications. Thicknesses available are single strength (for picture frames) , double strength (for cabinet doors, windows, some small table tops, ect.) , 1/4″ (for table tops, shelves, windows, ect.) We stock these thicknesses in clear, but can be ordered in gray (smoked) , bronze , green , and graylite 14 (almost black)

Mirrors: We stock 1/4″ & 1/8″ thicknesses. We can cut these and leave the edges unfinished if you intend to frame it  or if the edges are exposed, We can polish them. They also can be special ordered with beveled edges, special shapes, etching, ect.

Plexiglass and Lexan: Lexan is the stronger of the two. Tons of use for both products… available in 1/16″ , 1/8″ , 3/16″ , & 1/4″ . Thicker (such as 3/8″ , 1/2″ , & 3/4″ ) plexi and lexan are not stock items but can be ordered.

Special Orders: We can special order beveled items (mirrors and table tops) as well as thicker glass. 3/8″ , 1/2″ , & 3/4″ are available from our suppliers. They can be polished, beveled, double/triple beveling available also. Tint colors are available , Just ask !

We can also special order pyrex & neo-ceram, Pyrex is used in fireplace applications and has the same heat tolerance as tempered (220 degrees). Neo-ceram is much strong and recommended for wood stove doors. It’s heat tolerance is about 1400 degrees.

Just give us a call 636-583-4445 on any glass need you have .If you think it’s something strange or odd we can most likely help

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