What Do You Know About Your Vehicle’s Suspension?

We all know about oil changes, filters and even a little bit about the gauges we look at on the dashboard.  But the word suspension might be foreign.  Basic vehicle knowledge is good to have for all of us that drive cars.
Suspension is the part of our vehicle that includes the springs, shock absorbers and linkages that connect a vehicle to the wheels.   The suspension system isn’t actually essential to the operation of a motor vehicle, but it makes a big difference in the amount of pleasure – or discomfort – experienced while driving.

The springs are the central part of the suspension and nearly all cars have coil springs at all four corners.  These springs absorb the shock from bumps and dips in the road.  The shocks and struts help control the up and down movement of the spring, this is important for keeping the tires in contact with the road.    The shocks are a cylinder with an internal reservoir that is filled with fluid; this cylinder is housed inside the spring.  As the vehicle drives down the street it hits a dip in the road and the spring compresses down, the shock dampens the motion of the spring giving the vehicle a cushion instead of a sharp bounce and keeps the tires firmly on the road thus suspending the vehicle.
The term suspension actually refers to the ability of this bridge to suspend a vehicles frame, body and power train above the wheels.  Just like any bridge suspended over water, the bridge and the water are kept apart.

In some cases drivers associate poor road performance with bad shocks. Automotive shock absorbers are designed to limit the up-and-down movement of the vehicles sprung weight. When these parts are removed the vehicle will bounce wildly for a long period of time.
Automotive shock absorbers help provide the comfortable ride that everybody is looking for. It is also a largely misunderstood car suspension part. Shock absorbers don’t just smooth the ride; they also keep the car or truck controllable after a bump, and that’s always a good thing. Bad shocks aren’t just uncomfortable, they’re also dangerous.

The front suspension strut dampens movement as a vehicle is driven over rough or uneven road surfaces. A vehicle with strut-style suspension has a suspension strut assembly at each wheel, which needs to be replaced if the strut leaks oil or no longer has a dampening effect.

To replace the suspension strut, the wheel is removed from the vehicle. Then the suspension is removed and disassembled (the top spring plate and suspension spring are removed). The old strut is removed and a new one is installed. The suspension is reassembled and reinstalled. To maintain vehicle stability, suspension struts are replaced as a set, so both front suspension struts are replaced at the same time.

All of the springs shocks, links, arms, and bars that keep your car rolling smoothly down the road. Your car’s suspension is a symphony of cushion firmness, or at least you hope it is. When your suspension is out of whack, things can go downhill quickly. The first things to go are usually your tires. If your suspension is bad, your tires will wear prematurely and unevenly, and this costs you money. It’s important to keep your car or truck’s suspension in good shape for safety reasons, too. A car with bad shocks will not be able to avoid a collision or stop nearly as well as it should. Give your suspension a check with us today !



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